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Review J. Sai Deepak has begun something here that needs serious attention. It also suggests that significant support is required to develop its proposals further in directions not yet explored. I hope the book will be read and debated widely, especially in and for the sake of the ‘India that is Bharat’. ? Dr. Prakash Shah Reader in Culture and Law, Queen Mary, University of London Through this magisterial trilogy, advocate and scholar J. Sai Deepak successfully fills a huge vacuum in the corpus of decolonial scholarship from a uniquely empathetic Indian perspective. In a masterful manner, Sai Deepak traces the global history of colonialism, India’s unfortunate tryst with it and, importantly, inquires its impact on the emergence of a colonial consciousness. A must-read tribute to the Indic civilisation for anyone serious about understanding the pernicious trajectory of invasive colonialism and the lingering colonial consciousness in the ‘independent’ Indian (or should we term this as he does, Bharateeya) mind, and how to consciously work towards reversing it. ? Dr. Vikram Sampath Historian, Author and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Monash University

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