A Monk’s Almanac By Nityanand Charan Das

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In this day and age, money, success and happiness are the mirage that mankind is chasing. The more we chase it, the farther it goes. Even when you achieve a self-set goal, the next goalpost is already in place. In the middle of it all, life goes away without making any noise.

Today, as we stumble after solutions to our personal crises and stresses, and as we search for peace in our daily lives, we often find that the mind is our worst enemy. But what happens if you have in your hands a manual to show you the way the forward? In?A Monk’s Almanac, celebrated monk Swami Nityanand Charan Das addresses the most pressing questions life throws at to us, using a unique combination of personally tested tools and ancient knowledge from the scriptures to help readers move forward in their journey through life.