Collected Works Of Swami aVivekananda


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This book is indeed one of the best books I have ever read .each page if you read quietly and enthusiastically then you get all your answers to all the questions . Updating the status on Facebook or whatsapp is indeed the total waste of your precious time . Watching movies or playing mind disturbing games on computer won’t do any good . Instead one should read such wonderful books . I recommend this book specially to the youth of this country who are forgetting the spiritual path . I am also teenager and I see a lot of my friends and classmates doing total waste of time on mobile phones . When I actually started reading the book I was not able to put it down . If parents are reading my review than I should recommend you that get this collection for your child . If this collection is out of stock on flip kart then you can buy it from the site of advaita ashram . For the packaging and delivery , flip kart I thank you you were the best , it was so much deeply packaged that not a single thing got damaged . Once a person asked the great BUDDHA that have u seen god then BUDDHA replied I have not realised who I am then how can I know GOD . It was before Buddha attained enlightenment . This is the only thing with us we have not even known actually are we then how can we know GOD . This book gives you such answers if read it deeply from the supreme death of heart and mind . If I talk about this great person Swami Vivekananda he is truly a spiritual guide to us . He teaches us who we are , why are we here , where we would go after death , how to attain MOKSHA . Actually all the creatures in this world are trying to attain moksha directly or indirectly . We should think that we have got birth in this wonderful place India . In the next birth where will our fate takes us we do not know . So use all the paths that take you to moksha . And such paths will be found in this country only . Think that this is the most precious gift you have got that you have taken birth in India ant

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