Dancing With Swans By Ruzbeh N. Bharucha

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Words have the power to move and motivate;
to inspire as well as compel one to rethink their
life choices. And often, a very short phrase is enough to set one on the right path. When you read and reread every word of?Dancing with Swans, each quote opens up pathways within, helping you to lead your day-to-day life in the most spiritual manner. These are not just quotes-they carry the energy and the presence of The Master and embrace you with the light of the Divine, ferrying you to the shores of your own self-realization. They shall help you give each moment your Divine Best and empower you to go through whatever is in store for you gracefully.

Read a quote a day and reflect on it, meditate on it. The words will reveal the wisdom of the universe and the self.

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