Master Mind Of Day Trading : How to Make Money In Intraday Trading Using Market Profile & Price Action Rule Based Techniques by Nataraj Malavade

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Have you ever wondered how professional day traders earn consistent returns like the intelligent investor, while others are destined for frustration?? Do you want to know how to avoid the loss and earn consistently in the stock market? The main difference between Market Wizards and novice can be found in their education, knowledge, expertise, timing, habits, associations, and choice of appropriate tools and methods. MASTERMIND OF DAY TRADING explains the rule-based ideas of market profile, price action, and various money management topics, especially for intraday trading. How to make Money with breakout trading is a part of price action lesson that discusses how to Make Money with trading the candlestick charts and trading the price action trends. It is the first Intraday Trading Book of its kind that represents an objective way of interpreting market profile trading and price action trading concepts. It also narrates a key concept I have learned in TRADING IN THE ZONE book by Mark Douglas, which helps you align Mind Markets and Money in the right direction.? In the first half of the book, you will stroll around the basics and advanced concepts of Market Profile and Price Action, which helps in forming the intraday trading strategies. In the second half, you will be able to organise these methods for developing a possible entry and exit rules for day trading 101 strategies. The risk management part will give you insights about the systematic handling of the position sizing and compounding the trading account. Most importantly, I want to keep it simple because I believe, IN TRADING LESS IS MORE. Well, Are you ready to take a step ahead and become a PRO INTRADAY TRADER?

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