Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe

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September 1, 1651. With a passion and longing for the sea, Robinson Crusoe sets on a sea voyage, much against the wishes of his family, only to survive a shipwreck. But he doesn?t give up. And after a series of adventurous journeys, eight years later on the same day of September, Crusoe sets sail again. Caught in a sea storm, he is washed ashore on a deserted island after the shipwreck. The sole human survivor, along with a dog and two cats, Crusoe builds his life with whatever is available around and begins to contemplate and consider his situation.?Evil: I am cast upon a horrible, desolate island, void of all hope of recovery.Good: But I am alive; and not drowned, as all my ship’s company were.?Will his adventures end here, or is there more in store for him?Establishing realistic fiction as a literary genre, Daniel Defoe?s Robinson Crusoe is regarded as the first English novel. With simple characters and an exceptional interpretation of life, it went on to become a literary masterpiece. The novel has undergone various adaptions and continues to remain an epic.