Savarkar By Vaibhav Purandare

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British collaborator or fiery patriot? The man behind Gandhi?s murder? Atheist or Hindu nationalist? Savarkar is one of the most fascinating men in Indian history. A man who in the first part of his life wanted Hindu?Muslim unity yet later became the father of Hindutva. A man who called for complete independence twenty years before the Congress but didn?t participate in the Quit India movement. A man who in his younger days was friendly with Gandhi but was later seen as the inspiration behind his killing. Based on Savarkar?s original Marathi papers, accounts of his contemporaries, several of them untranslated from Marathi, court and government records, and newspapers of the time, this new biography is packed with fresh details. Written in a lively, page-turning style, this is a riveting and unbiased account of Savarkar?s life, and the only book you will need to truly understand him.