Something I’m Waiting To Tell You By Shravya Bhinder

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?Letting go of her was not easy but winning her back was harder than anything I could have ever imagined?

After nearly losing the love of his life to a terrible accident, Ronnie realizes how much he loves Adira and what an idiot he had been to hurt her. What?s more, her overprotective mother now takes care of her, and does not like Ronnie being anywhere near her daughter.
He?s going through hell-unable to go back in time and fix things, unable to say what he missed saying to her, ?I love you . . .?
All he wants now is a second chance, to trace his steps back into a loving relationship and win Adira over. It will not be easy because life is tough; love, even tougher.
Something I?m Waiting to Tell You is the sweet, intense conclusion of a story that started with?Something I Never Told You, a book that will teach you a thing or two about soulmates.