That Sik Luv By Jescie Hall

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Fornication is a sin.

According to what we read, we should escape sexual immorality.?All other sins that people commit are projected outside the body, but the sexually immoral individual commits a sin that goes against his own body.

They teach us that these thoughts and actions are immoral.?But that dark side that lives inside each of us – the true nature of man – pushes us to seek that need that burns inside us, demanding to be liberated.?In the marrow of our bones lies that intrinsic need, a desperate attempt to escape.?An innate behavior, apparently beyond our control.

An attitude that yearns loudly for the sins we are told are our damnation.

Aero is the throat from which I expel those screams.

The dark parts of me that I want to keep hidden from this world are the only thing he sees when he peeks at me from behind yet another mask.

It is the demon that drowns me in my occult desires.

It may never stop.?At least until I succumb to my truths or die under the weight of her inexorable grip.

Because, according to him, the life I’m living is a hell much worse than death.

?That Sik Luv? is an Age Gap St4lker Dark Romance standalone by Jescie Hall that deals with themes that may be disturbing while reading.?You are strongly advised to read the warnings at the beginning of the book before reading.