The One Hour Strategy By Jeroen Kraaijenbrink

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A tale about strategy done differently

The One-Hour Strategy?follows Martin, the new sales team lead at Waters & Flows, which attracted him because of their unique way of doing strategy. We shadow Martin as he onboards with his new colleagues, who walk him through each aspect of their One-Hour Strategy, answering his questions and addressing his reservations. Along the way, Martin learns:

– Why employees at every level in the firm should be involved in strategy

– How strategic competence creates company agility, which is crucial in disruptive times

– How this new approach closes the strategy-versus-execution gap

Martin’s story introduces an easy but valuable tool for integrating strategic planning into your organization’s culture. Martin’s notes on key takeaways distill the information he learns, and each chapter includes self-evaluation questions to help you consider how this new way of thinking could be integrated at your company. If you’re dissatisfied with the traditional way of doing strategy or your company seems stuck in a rut of strategizing that never turns into action, this book offers a solution.