Tomarkus And The Betrayed Planet By Vishal Ved

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Cenoy is a female alien who has given birth to 435 babies while being used as a birth machine in a 117 story mega-city under the desert. When Cenoy tries to escape her torturous fate the guards catch her and lock her in the deadly prison Carcerem. Cenoy encounters Ariet, a nerd alien scientist, in the prison and they both become good friends. Soon after that two mysterious males arrive in the prison and rescue Cenoy and Ariet for the greatest ever rebellion on the planet. This story is set on the planet Tomarkus which is populated by an advanced alien race known as fugits. Tomarkus is in crisis. A deadly fungus has spread across the ocean like a plague and its ugly mountains are eating up the gas that keeps the inhabitants of the planet alive at an alarming rate. But on Tomarkus there has been something much worse and tragic going on apart from the planet-wide catastrophe. An unforgivable betrayal whose roots stretch back to a hundred thousand years in time and two different planets. More suspense and thriller awaits you in the land of Tomarkus. It is a land of mystery and never seen creatures that will push your imaginations to limits. If you enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy books that surpass your expectations at every turn and blow your mind then this bestseller is for you. Please give my book ?Tomarkus and the Betrayed Planet? a chance to take you off this world and entertain you on every page. There is not a single human being or any earthly object in the entire novel and this uniqueness awarded Tomarkus with a World Record as well.