And Girls Will Be Girls By Ruskin Bond


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?She was there every morning, chasing butterflies, stalking squirrels and mynahs, her voice brimming with laughter, her slight figure flitting about between the trees.?

Childhood memories are cherished by everybody. They are a reminder of a simpler time, a time when we easily appreciated the mundane, when excitement and joy were aplenty and when little caused us worry or even fear. Every experience of childhood is unique and special and only as adults do we realize how little we let come in our way to fully enjoying life in those days of unbothered pleasure.

In And Girls Will Be Girls, Ruskin Bond anthologizes short stories and personal essays that speak to this unbridled delight. Whether it was a cricket match that changed a life, or an umbrella that became a friend, or nostalgia over old love?this book has something for everybody!

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